Free PDF Utilities

Free PDF Utilities
  1. CutePDF -
  2. Foxit PDF Reader -
  3. Free PDF -
  4. Ghostscript/GSView -
  5. PDF 995 -
  6. PDFCreator -
  7. PrimoPDF -

Partition Managers:

Partition Managers:
Partition Resizer -
Ranish Partition Manager -
SwissKnife -
TestDisk -

Free Network Tools

Free Network Tools
CMDTime NTP Utility -
Ethereal Protocol Analyzer -
Gencontrol -
hamachi -
NetMeter -
NetProfiles -
NMap -
Ntop -
PingPlotter -
RAS Graph & Stats -
RealVNC -
TightVNC -
Ultr@VNC -
WinSCP -

Mail programs Free Download

Mail programs Free Download
Foxmail -
i.Scribe -
Mahogany Mail -
Pegasus Mail -
PopTray -
Thunderbird -

Internet Explorer Front-Ends & IRC Clients:

Internet Explorer Front-Ends & IRC Clients:
Internet Explorer Front-Ends:
AM Browser -
AOL Browser -
Avantbrowser -
Maxthon -
SlimBrowser -
IRC Clients:
BersIRC -
BitchX -
HydraIRC -
NodeIRC -
TinyIRC -
XChat -

Instant Messengers

Instant Messengers
Gaim -
Google Talk -
Mercury Messenger -
Miranda IM -
Pandion -
qip -
Skype -
TerraIM -
Trillian Basic -

Image viewers

Image viewers
Ahaview -
FastStone Image Viewer -
Irfanview -
Picasa -
Shell Extension -
SlowView -
XNView -

FTP Clients & FTP Servers

FTP Clients & FTP Servers
FTP Clients:
CoreFTP -
Filezilla -
miFiles -
SmartFTP -
FTP Servers:
Cerberus -
FileZilla -
Golden FTP Server -
Quick ‘n Easy FTP Server -
SlimFTPd -
TYPSoft FTP Server -


Jetico Personal Firewall -
Kerio (Kerio Personal Firewall is FREE for home and personal use) -
NetVida Safetynet -
Outpost Firewall (version 1 is free) -
SoftPerfect Personal Firewall -
Sygate -
Wyvern Firewall 2004 -
Zonealarm Basic firewall -

Download managers

Download managers
Free Download Manager
Fresh Download -
LeechGet -
Retriever -
Star Downloader -
Sun Download Manager -
wackget -
wget -
WellGet -

Desktop Enhancements

Desktop Enhancements
AveDesk -
CursorXP -
Desktop Sidebar -
Filehand -
Glass2k -
Kapsules -
Konfabulator -
Lost Goggles -
MobyDock -
Panorama -
RunFast -
Samurize -
SlickRun -
Snippy -
TaskSwitchXP Pro -
tclock2 -
Trip -
Weather Watcher -
WinRoll -

Compression / Decompression:

Compression / Decompression:
7-zip -
bzip2 -
ExtractNow -
FilZip -
Info-Zip -
IZArc -
QuickZip -
TUGZip -
Zip&Go -
Zipgenius -

Free CD/DVD Burning: Software

Free CD/DVD Burning: Software
 Technology continues to make giant steps forward. Technology has made it possible to burn your own CDs and DVDs, without resorting to expensive equipment or outrageous charges. Now, anyone can make their own personal music CD with their favorite songs. You can also clone your DVDs so that you have a backup copy or to distribute copies to others. For business people, CD burning is the ultimate way to backup their daily information to prevent it from loss.

The good news is that there are lots of free CD burning software offers widely available on the Internet. Any search will provide you with dozens of choices for free CD burning software. However, the downside is that all of them are actually free trials, and if you want to continue burning CD or DVDs after about 30 days, you must pay for the service. The prices are reasonable, though, and won’t set you back a small fortune. You can comparison shop among the various downloads and find the perfect one for you, then take a trial run and make sure it is actually the one you want before you plunk down any hard, cold money. Plus, they usually come with a thirty-day guarantee, so you can be sure you are getting what you want for your hard-earned cash. It is a very risk-free way to burn your own CDs or DVDs. It is a great idea for both individuals and businesses.

These online CD replication services are a simple download that anyone can do. The programs are user-friendly for beginners, but also extremely customizable for the experienced person, as well. Many of them integrate easily with Windows Explorer so that you don’t have to create image files or do any other fancy footwork before burning your CD. You simply download the free trial, insert your CD into your PC and burn away. It couldn’t be easier.

Many of these websites that offer free CD replication software also offer some other interesting choices, too. For instance, you can get a free trial of a CD label maker to add class and style to your CDs. Once you try it, you will probably have to add it to your software library along with the CD burning software. Other great software downloads include DVD cloning software that provides perfect copying of DVDs with no distortions.

Once again, technology is making our lives easier and a lot more interesting by allowing the average person to experience the personal thrill of burning their own CD. With the money back guarantees and the great free trial periods, it is the perfect way to give this new type of technology and try for personal or business needs before making a purchase.

Burn4Free -
Burnatonce -
Burrrn -
CDBurnerXP -
CDR Tools Frontend -
Deepburner -
DVD Decrypter:
Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD -
ImgBurn -

List of Free Anti Spyware:-Softwares

List of Free Anti Spyware:-Softwares
Ad-aware -
Bazooka -
Hijackthis -
SpyBot Search & Destroy -
SpywareBlaster -
SpywareGuard -
WinPatrol -

List of Free 3D Graphics:-Softwares

List of Free 3D Graphics:-Softwares
3Delight Free -
Anim8or -
Aqsis -
Blender -
Houdini (Free Edition) -
Now3D -
OpenFX -
POV-Ray -
Terragen -
Toxic -
Wings 3D -
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